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Z.com Hosting Review

Today will be the 7th day of us moving to z.com web hosting, and here is my feedback on z.com hosting services.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have much experience in hosting, I think z.com is not for you. z.com have no live customer support. But there is an exception, if you are from Manila they have a hotline number for phone support. So I think that would help. However, the hotline is only available from monday to friday 9am to 11pm, If you live outside Metro Manila then calling them would hurt your wallet. I mention this because one of the main reason that we move to z.com is because hosting here is cheap, without sacrificing so much performance.

How we get started with z.com

We found out about z.com on an ad in facebook. I visited their site and search about the companies profile. After some thinking we decided to signup in z.com since we are having problem on our previous hosting.

First, we signup on their website z.com (here is a link)

Second, click on the Webhosting menu and click on +Webserver choose plan and proceed with payment.

Server setup takes about 5 minutes. Once up, you can start using your server.

Hosting Speed

Although z.com is boasting about ssd on their website server response is not that fast, but, compared to other shared hosting, z.com is above the average. It’s takes me a couple of tweaks to speed up the site but overall the performance is good. If you consider the price of the hosting, the performance is great.


Would I recommend z.com hosting? I think it’s too early on putting out recommendation about z.com especially it’s only been a week. but base of my experience and website performance, I think z.com is a good web hosting provider. I’m just worried about support in the future. On my last hosting they have live chat support and it always comes in handy when you are in an unexpected situation. I wish z.com would also provide a 24 hrs live chat support.

I hope this review helps you in deciding what web hosting to take.

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