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Smart TNT Sun LTE Upgrade SIM


So what really is the LTE ready upgrade sim distributed by Smart and why should you buy it?

If you haven’t heard of it before, LTE is short for Long Term Evolution. It is a standard in high speed communication in mobile phones. In lame man’s term, its the new type of connection that makes our mobile phones connect faster to the network, significantly better than previous mobile standard 3G and 2G

Who is this for?

This is for Smart, Talk and Text, SUN and Broadband subscriber prepaid and postpaid.

Why should you upgrade?

Because it is so darn cheap, only 10 php.. lol.. kidding aside, everyone should upgrade their SIM because Smart and other telco are all moving forward and eventually will let go of old SIM. It means old SIM will not be supported when this happen. Almost all android and iOS phone these days are all LTE capable. Without an LTE SIM this great feature of a phone is totally wasted.

How to upgrade your old SIM to LTE

Before upgrading, take note of this things first. The LTE Upgrade sim doesn’t support Smartmoney Menu. This doesn’t support mobile banking. If you are a prepaid load retailer this doesn’t support that too. If using this features please go to your nearest Wireless Center and upgrade the sim there.

Let’s get started. You’ll need three things. Your current SIM, the UPGRADE sim and a Mobile Phone.

Step 1: Using your current SIM. text GET PIN to 7927 

Step 2: Wait for the PIN. You will enter this once you insert the LTE-Ready Upgrade SIM in our mobile phone.

Step 3: Insert the LTE-Ready Upgrade SIM in your mobile phone. Enter the PIN that you received. press CONFIRM, and then RESTART your phone.

Step 4: Wait for an SMS notification that your SIM has been successfully upgraded.

Congratulations! you have successfully upgraded your SIM and keep your old number. Enjoy internet speed of up to 42mbps. 😛

If you have question or wanted us to cover other subject that you are interested in please don’t be shy to write it in the comment section below.

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  1. Michelle Theresa welch says:

    I my sim no signal I need my no#

  2. Stranger says:

    I don’t like smart.. hahahaha

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