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Loadcentral Retailer Program

Oficiar.Com now launches the Loadcentral Retailership Program

This programs aims to help fellow entrepreneur on becoming a Loadcentral Retailer and have extra income by selling load products available on Loadcentral.

So what is loadcentral?

Be a loadcentral RetailerLoadCentral is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today. They have a wide variety of products that are made available almost instantly to every retailer all over the world via SMS or Webtool web interface. With LoadCentral, any person with a cellular phone or PC with internet connection that has been registered into the LoadCentral platform can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory. A LoadCentral Retailer can now either sell e-PINs of any brand of prepaid products, or even top-up and directly send load into subscriber’s account with a few simple steps using his mobile phone or PC with internet connection.

What are the requirements?

1. A photo/scanned copy of 1 valid ID
2. A sim card number to be registered to loadcentral
3. A filled up loadcentral application form
4. Initial Load Minimum of 1000.00 + 100.00 Processing fee

How do I apply for retailership?

Here are step by step guide on how to apply

Online Application
1. Fill up the application form –> Application form here
2. Send your initial load wallet via Smartmoney –> Instructions here
3. Wait for confirmation via SMS and Check your Email for Instructions.
4. Download discount structure and webtool manual for reference. –> Download here

If online application is not your thing here’s what you have to do:
1. Go to Oficiar.Com Computer Center @ 9 F. Nanadiego St., Poblacion III, Mulanay, Quezon
2. Present your valid ID and fill-up an Application form.
3. Pay for your initial load wallet and Processing fee.
4. Wait for confirmation via SMS and you’re all set.
note: Printout instruction and discount structure will cost an additional Php 100.00.

How do I earn from this?
1. Earning is simple, when you load-up your load wallet, let’s say 1000. Whenever you dispense product from loadcentral you get a discount from the face value of the products you’re selling. eg: Buddy 300.00 will only cost 270.00. After you have used up all your loadwallet credit you should have more than what was previously loaded.

If you are already a member of Oficiar Loadcentral Retailer Program. Please visit the webtool: http://loadcentral.net