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iJoystick Review

iJoystick Review

MOBA is getting popular this days. For those of you who don’t know, MOBA stands for Mobile Online Battle Arena. It’s like DOTA but on mobile platform. My favorite MOBA is Mobile legends. The problem when I’m playing ML (mobile legends) is that sometime my left thumb, which I use for movement, get sore because of intense sliding on the screen. Then a friend of mine recommended the iJoystick. Needless to say I bought it asap and then try it out. Here’s what I found out.

Build Quality

iJoystick Top

Build quality is on the OK side. It’s not top notch but it’s not poorly made. It’s somewhere above the middle. In a rate of 1 – 10 I think this is a 7.


Since this is a special type of product and meant for only one thing, usability is a very important factor here. According to my experience it’s usable but not great. There is a gap on the screen and the controller and when you press on the controller you tend to move on random direction first before you go to where you want. In a fast phasing action game, this is very bad.

iJoystick Bottom

Others told me that they are having problem with the controller not sticking to the screen of their cellphone. Me personally, I didn’t experience this since I always clean my screen with microfiber cloth before I stick it to my screen. The bottom section of the controller is a shiny film and form a little bit of inward slope that I think acts as a suction to stick the controller on the screen so having a clean screen is very crucial here.


The reason I bought this product is because I often have sore thumb due to friction on the screen and for that purpose it succeed. But there is a cost, and that is the little random movement every time you lift your finger on the controller and press it back. Another problem is that whenever it’s on your screen you can’t use the keyboard and chat. Whenever I use the iJoystick I often find myself removing it on my screen because I find it uncomfortable.

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