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History of Mulanay

MULANAY a name derived literary from “maraming lunay” a wax like secretion from the bark of a Pili tree, was converted into christianity by the Franciscan Missionaries as early as the 16th century. From then on, more than a century later, and by virtue of the King of Spain’s royal decree in the year 1745, the status of Mulanay was elevated into a full-pledge municipality. ¬†With only six barangays to start with them, notably San Narciso, San Francisco, Catanauan and San Andres (now municipalities in their own rights), Mulanay during the Spanish regime was situated by the seashore, place comparative in size to Bataan province.

Running the civil government with equal zest at the time was Eustaquio Manlangit, its first Alcade Mayor, and decades later, during the American Occupation, by Mayor Atanacio Ojeda, an equally dedicated man.

Mulanay Today:

Area: 420 sq. km.
Population: 50,826
Festival: February 3, Coco Lunay Festival

Source: Mulanay LGU


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