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How to Load Gosurf 99

How to Load Gosurf 99

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Gosurf99 is 200mb data load valid for 30 days from Globe. Tipid di ba.. but the problem is, it has been remove from *143# menu and txting gs99 to 8080 doesn’t work anymore. In regards to this, here is workaround in order to load this super tipid load from Globe. 😀

As of to date There is only one way to load Gosurf 99 and that is via Paymaya App (Note: you can load any number using your paymaya app)

Here is how:

  1. Install the paymaya app on your android / ios device. (this is a free app)
  2. Sign up and activate your paymaya account, in the app.
  3. Load Up your PayMaya account. note: php 100 is the minimum load on PayMaya (here is a link on loading your paymaya account)
  4. Once you have loaded up your account here is how to purchase Gosurf 99:
    • Open the app and go to the menu on the upper left of the app
    • Tap on Shop
    • Tap on Data
    • Tap on Gosurf 99
    • Enter the Number you wish to load and Tap on Continue, confirm and that’s it.

More Tips:

Did you know that you can add surf data to gosurf99? try to load Gosurf 50 after you have loaded gosurf 99. This will add 1gb of data to you gosurf99. You can load as many gosurf 50 as you want adding 1gb of data to you gosurf 99 for each gosurf 50 you have loaded. The system will follow the validity of the gosurf 99 for all gosurf that you loaded. example: loading 1 gosurf99 and loading 10 gosurf50 after will give you 10.2gb of data valid for 30 days… gets mo? enjoy po!

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